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BIBLIOTHEQUE or principal extracts on chess upon WEB

Compulsory in her column BIBLIOTHEQUE mies favourites books , whose are drawn some exemples which are in this WEB.

The pieces and specials moves.

For beginner. The minimum to know for to avoid the ridiculous one !
Endgames - Before to learn openings as dictionary, know to checkmate. What about you attend some pawns.
Learnig to checmate before openings, else how to finish a game ?
Mistake lethal in the openings.
Little games with( some blunders always topical).
Openings and initiation openings as French and English then Scottisch (for player well-informed
Various games (feminine world championship 1996) for well-informed player or wishing to know [notation] in english!
Problem, studies, checkmate.
Theory, technique and specific moves for beginners.
Studies, techniques and specific moves for "students".
FIDE Rules
Games classified by openings and defenses (login)
Chess upon [Web]
notation of moves.
The Stock Exchange of the occasion (sale, barters, purchase, research, proposition!

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