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My first name is Claude and I play chess ever since about 50 years. Following a crash [m'interdisant] all physical activities, I have play in [club], starting at 43 years, where my ELO was about 1800. In ICCF, International Chess Correspondence, [Federation], I had 2100.. Like a young I studie all out throughly openings. Quickly I am arrived to the conclusion that method was very well for Masters, but for us is not better in order to win, somes points in [Club]. For instance the exchange line in spanish is valid forGreat Master who know necessary theory to develop dubbed pawns from blacks, but for little player of club, It's better to use begginnig style gambits, [certes] hazardous but giving to the adversary more prospect to perpetrate a lethal error.


Players from club or beginner, that site is for you. Your ELO is probably between 1200 and 2000. You like chess. And you always [essayez] [d'improviser]. You d'not will be never Master or great Master, that is not your object who is simply enjoy yourself and tio help your team to win. That site WEB is for some brawlers players , truculent whose him wish is to know some [inusités] beginnings, some gambits in order to surprise the adversary.

That WEB site will be landscaped via yourself, readers. It will be ameliorated by some games what you have play. All help analysing openings present,or bringing a line to play, will be put with theory [explorant] like that [inusuelles] line. We are waiting your games, your analysis, your queries, your commentaries, thank you to send at zugzwang kiss
Currently you find different analysis and openings about miscellaneous openings, advocacies and gambits. Thank you to bring your contribution via lines not very played, or by somes queries about what we shall be able answer and traying to bring some betterments about your proposition. Asks also which you interesse particulary, ourselves we to talk here after studies.
The rating ELO A.J.E.C. some player by correspondances may 1998, you can to find may-be some friends?
Thank you to submit your queries and commentaries to zugzwang

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