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After the battle of the middle of game where one exchanges a certain number of pieces arrives the moment where, for lack of combatants, pawns return at stake. Indeed the each adversary strategy becomes the arrival of new combatting by the promotion of the pawn. One tells that one has entered in final.

In finals, to the plural seen the number of tactics and different positions, the imagination is superseded by the technique. Some manoeuvres have to be known by heart. The mathematical logic takes it the confusied imagination in almost all cases. The diagnosis can state often clearly under the form of a certain victory, and spectators wait then the fault of the potential winner that forgets a technique, or the nullity forced. To our modern period, the great players from the beginning of the game, think only of the final by seeking to take an advantage it most rapidly possible, that it is light "of position or equipment ", is effective by the gain of a quality, the goal is to arrive with this advantage that will allow is the promotion of the pawn, is a gain by technical manoeuvres with heavy pieces (2 roques) against light pieces (knight and bishop).

It is the moment where the weakest piece of the game, the King, becomes the strongest if it remains alone with an or several pawns.

aux finales

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